SmithCNC-USA, LLC – Celebrating 38 years of manufacturing experience. SmithCNC-USA, LLC is a US based manufacturer and provides a vital service: it matches the demand from customers who need to have direct material manufactured with the most competitive, capable suppliers who can cost products competitively and make them to the highest standards.

SmithCNC-USA, LLC serves as a manufacturing management company. It does business with U.S. manufacturers seeking sources for manufactured products in China and Mexico. The company maintains and contracts with a selective group of suppliers, both open and captive, ranging from foundry castings, die castings, forgings, and welded fabrications to finish machined, on-site inspected and completely assembled parts. They offer exceptional resources in high quality plastic molds and stamping dies.

Simply put, what they do is; take the hard work off the customers by finding and qualifying all the necessary sources for them, get the work done, and deliver a finished product at the best total final price.